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Many times in the past, AngelQueen had often heard people talk jokingly about seeing the Stargate characters in the Wild West. She heard it so often, she decided to do something about it. This is the result. Thor help us when AQ gets an idea.

Wild West Atlantis
Cast of Characters

Town Council

  • George Hammond, Mayor: a retired military man, Mayor Hammond does his best to run a tight ship in Atlantis, Colorado, even with people like the Genii and the Wraith mucking about in the area. Stern, but fair, he’s more than earned his continued reelection as the town’s mayor.

  • Jack O’Neill, Deputy Mayor and Indian Agent: Jack has no idea why the town keeps electing him as the town’s deputy mayor, but that’s the way it is. His work with the nearby Indian nations has more than earned him a good reputation however, and he has an excellent relationship with several of them, such as Skaara, the son of one of the chiefs. He also has a thinly concealed interest in Samantha Carter, the daughter of the town’s retired Sheriff, Jacob Carter.

  • Miss Elizabeth Weir, Mercantile Owner: She arrived in Atlantis determined to set up a life for herself and her fiancé, a doctor who was to follow her within a year. Setting up her store on the main street of town has gotten her a great deal of business, but given that the town saloon is only three doors down, it has also earned her a spot of trouble on occasion as well. When her fiancé chose not to come out to Atlantis from the East, she stayed, and her patience, knowledge, and skills in negotiation have gotten her elected to the Town Council, the first woman to ever do so. Elizabeth also has a special friendship with the notable gunslinger in the area, John Sheppard.

  • Jacob Carter, Retired Sheriff: Was there when Atlantis was first founded and held the position of Sheriff for a good twenty years. Widowed during that time, he struggled to raise his two children, Mark and Samantha, but his dangerous occupation put a strain on his relationships with both. His health forced him into retirement, and he now spends most of his time gardening, keeping a wary eye out for anyone with a grudge against him, and Jack O’Neill’s interactions with his daughter.

  • Robert Kinsey, Banker: Robert Kinsey fits the stereotype of a big-city Easterner: wealthy, educated, complete with an irritating superior attitude. He wants to be Mayor, but has yet to garner enough support from the people to oust the long-serving Hammond. He and Jack O’Neill constantly butt heads over every subject from Indian Affairs to the weather.

Other Town Residents

  • John Sheppard, Gunfighter: Rather closed-mouthed about his past, John seems the epitome of a gunfighter: handsome, witty, and with so much confidence in himself that it's bound to get him killed one day. He showed up in Atlantis hunting a member of the Wraith gang, and never really bothered to leave. He’s often in the company of his partner, Ronon, or hanging around the Mercantile hoping to strike up a conversation with its beautiful owner.

  • Steven Caldwell, Sheriff: He was sent out from Denver to replace Jacob Carter when he retired from the position of Atlantis’ sheriff. A stiff, no-nonsense man when it comes to his duties as a law-enforcement officer, he also has little patience or liking for cocky, gun-wielding men. Naturally, this often puts him into conflict with John Sheppard. Of course, the fact that he might or might not have a secret liking for Elizabeth Weir might also have something to do with it as well. Wanted Jacob’s position on the Town Council, but was repeatedly blocked by Elizabeth’s support of keeping Jacob onboard.

  • Miss Samantha Carter: Growing up with a father as the town sheriff wasn’t an easy thing to do, especially when her mother died when she was only twelve and her brother all but fled the town the moment he became of age, but Sam managed it. Rather a tomboy, Sam is quite handy at fixing various pieces of machinery and is often locked in the small woodshed-turned-laboratory fiddling away with anything she can get her hands on. She was once engaged, but broke off the relationship after her father’s health forced him into an early retirement.

  • Aiden Ford: A former deputy, having served under Jacob Carter, Aiden Ford was said to have been on the fast track to having a badge of his own one-day. However, fate intervened and during a Wraith-led attack on Atlantis, Aiden Ford was shot and nearly killed. Though he recovered, he was never the same and soon vanished from Atlantis on a self-appointed mission to take down the Wraith gang.

  • Miss Janet Fraiser, Midwife: Midwife in Atlantis, she also has extensive knowledge about the local herbs that she learned from an Indian shaman. This often puts her at odds somewhat with Carson Beckett. She’s also a friend of Sam Carter and Elizabeth Weir.

  • Dr. Carson Beckett: Atlantis’ resident doctor. He has everything he needs in Atlantis and is quite satisfied with his practice. Only, he's not sure what to make of Janet Fraiser's knowledge of the local medicines that were used before his arrival. He knows they work, but...

  • Ronon Dex: A man of mixed blood, raised by miners. He remembers little about his past or his family, saying that he only recalls fire, screaming, and just knowing that his people were gone. A crack shot with a gun, Ronon left the mining trade and has been wandering ever since. He works with John Sheppard most of the time nowadays, Sheppard being one of the few people he trusts.

  • Daniel Jackson: The town's schoolteacher with an eager interest in the Indian cultures. He divides his time between teaching the children of Atlantis, visiting all the Indian reservations, and avoiding the brazen, flirty café proprietor.

  • Vala Mal Doran: Vala Mal Doran maybe the biggest flirt to ever come to Atlantis and she may annoy the hell out of the men with her insinuations, but she makes the best apple pies from here to Denver. She has a little outdoor café in between Carson Beckett and Janet Fraiser's separate clinics, thus making it somewhat of a battleground for the rivalry between the two. But while Vala takes a keen interest in all the gossip that floats through her café, she's also got her eye on the town's schoolteacher.

  • Miss Laura Cadman: Works at Miss Weir's store, keeping the place lively with her unique sense of humor.

  • Teal'c: An ex-slave attempting to build a new life for himself, Teal'c has more than earned the friendship of the people of Atlantis. On more than one occasion, he has helped save the life of many with his physical strength as well as his quick thinking. He became close friends with Jack O'Neill and came to consider him a brother after his former master (by then insane) attempted to force him to return with him to the south. Teal'c also has a son, Rya'c, who travels with Teal'c's old mentor, Bra'tac.

  • Rodney McKay: Once a respected inventor back east, something happened that forced him to need to disappear for a while, as far away as he could possibly get. He ended up in Atlantis and even when things seemed clear for him to go back, he has not yet even spoken of leaving. Rodney is a bit of a fanatic about his health, given that he is allergic to citrus. He also enjoys flirting with Samantha Carter, believing her to be rather intelligent for a woman.

  • Teyla Emmagan: A leader of a band of nomads from the South, she has been leading her people north in the hope of escaping the reach of the Wraith gang.

  • Cameron Mitchell: A newcomer to the town, Mitchell has been considered a little... odd, by most of Atlantis' residents.

  • Jonas Quinn: Another newcomer, Jonas Quinn was sent out from the east to be an assistant to Jack O'Neill in his work as the area's Indian Agent. He is extremely friendly and well-meaning, though his constant cheerfulness is known to drive Jack a little batty, and he is a frequent customer at Vala's café, given his obsession for food.

  • Marcus Lorne: A former major in the Union army, he became Atlantis' blacksmith. Lorne also has a bit of a reputation for being a bit of a flirt (though nowhere near the level of Miss Mal Doran), at least, until Miss Heightmeyer came into town.

  • Kavanaugh: Runs the town's saloon just a few doors down from Miss Weir's Mercantile. An arrogant, self-serving man, he absolutely despises Elizabeth Weir and all those who claim to be her friend.

  • Miss Kate Heightmeyer: The town's seamstress.

  • Paul Davis: Works at Kinsey's bank. A decent, intelligent man (despite his choice in employers), he is only a recent arrival in Atlantis, but is establishing himself as a good, respectable member of Atlantis' population.

Bad Guys

  • The Genii: A corporation with its hands in seemingly everything surrounding Atlantis. They're involved in the mining and blasting, and even make their presence known to the local farmers, offering to do business. Their leader, Cowen, has an almost unhealthy obsession with taking over Atlantis for the Genii and has made several attempts, usually headed by one of his chief people, Koyla, but so far has yet to succeed.

  • Wraith: a mysterious gang that roves the countryside, often attacking isolated settlements, farms, Indian encampments, even Atlantis itself. Known for their cruelty, they rarely leave anyone alive when they attack.

I'd like to thank tidal_race my mother, bbfan_01, world_of_blade, and
lone_pyramid for their help in coming up with information for the last of the bios.

Okay, now onto the rules. They're all very simple, stuff you'd expect.
1. Anything from G to NC-17 is fine, but all adult material must have the rating clearly stated, warning younger readers as well as those who prefer not to read such stories. We want this to be a place with stories for readers of all ages.
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3. I'd like to keep all the stories for this AU loosely flowing together in one universe, if at all possible. So if someone writes a story that involves so-and-so breaking their leg, someone else in another story shouldn't write that the same character has never broken a bone. The bios for teh characters above serve as guidelines, but there is still plenty of material left out about all of them, inviting creativity. Let's just keep it all going in the same direction.
4. Have fun!