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27 December 2007 @ 11:53 am
new chronology  
I'm going to try and piece together a timeline and when people get introduced so we have that as a reference.

Also we need a name for this last stretch of fic from "Deals with Weddings" to "Time to Spare"

wildwest_lantis Chronology (December 2007):

Stories are listed in a rough chronological order, rather than the order of writing. Certain stories which connect around a particular event are grouped. The stories which have no particular time specified in them are separated between Weir/Sheppard and "everything else" for convenience.

John and Ronon's First Stay stories:
Four years before "Monday Morning."

Men by writerrising and world_of_blade. John and Ronon arrive in town.

Ronon Story by writerrising. Ronon Dex double drabble

A Life Less Ordinary by irony_rocks. It was supposed to be a brief acquaintance that lasted the length it would take him to escort her to the outskirts of town. It ended up turning into a life and death situation, and along the way, John Sheppard discovered something he never realized he was missing.

Undated stories during the four years between the First Stay and "Monday Morning":

McKay And His Ass (Of The Four-Footed Kind) by soapbox_solo38. Someone burns down a university, gets bitten on multiple occasions, nearly dies a few times, and maybe learns his lesson.

Enter Zelenka by mentalmichael. Marcus Lorne would never forget the day that Radek Zelenka arrived in Atlantis

Pleasant Company by lamichelle. Carson Beckett hates missing his mid-day meal
(One month after Carson and Laura start sharing meals regularly)

Explosions by angelqueen04. The thoughts of an ex-sheriff in the late-afternoon heat.

Bureaucracy by angelqueen04. It was at times like this that George Hammond felt like retiring.

Noticing by angelqueen04. He definitely noticed a lot. More than most gave him credit for.

A Tragic History by hopalong_pxp. Ronon gets a new insight into Daniel Jackson's history

The Brew by world_of_blade. Where we first meet the Saloon owner...

Any Given Winter's Night by soapbox_solo38. These are Atlantis' people.

Coming Together by world_of_blade. The town of Atlantis always pulled together when things got tough.

Weir/Sheppard stories during the four years between the First Stay and "Monday Morning":

Monday Morning by angelqueen04. Elizabeth Weir had a habit of waking before dawn.
(first story written in the AU)

Wonder by writerrising. Elizabeth wonders.

Roosters and Hens by miera. Sunday gossip

Returning by angelqueen04. It took her a while to notice how different she felt when he left Atlantis.

A Sententia No Per Somnium by speckleberry. What would happen if John leaves, and three years later not all is right with the town he once called home.

The Game by sg_lab. There's a new game in town

Taken by mentalmichael. Elizabeth was missing

Survivor by angelqueen04. Vala gets into a spot of trouble.

Hold 'Em by peanutbutterer. A card game in Atlantis.


Fourth of July Dance Series:

Dance Partners by miera. During the Fourth of July dance, several people look for partners.

Too Late by angelqueen04. Daniel's view of the events surrounding the Fourth of July social.

Quilting Circle by angelqueen04. The Quilting Circle gathers for quilting and gossip.

Polaris by lanna_kitty. John Sheppard wanted to kiss Elizabeth Weir.

After the Rain by miera. Elizabeth and John get caught by a storm. Set after "Polaris" at some unspecified point in the courtship.

Sweethearts' Dance Series:

Sweetheart's Dance by writerrising. The Sweethearts' Dance

Heat by mentalmichael. It was hot
(? post-unwritten "Sweethearts Dance" fic?)

The Fever Series:

Field of Daisies by angelqueen04. Questions are raised when John and Ronon witness a Wraith attack that culminates in several prisoners being taken.
(Introduces the Athosians and Teyla)

The Long Night by miera. Keeping vigil over a dangerously ill Elizabeth, John confronts some truths.

In Sickness by cutemara. Daniel surprises himself when he hears about Vala.

Heaven's Field by angelqueen04. In the aftermath of the fever epidemic, people must pick up the pieces of their lives and begin anew.

Deals With Weddings by miera. Some relationships progress, some stagnate and some seem to be falling apart. Then a mysterious stranger arrives from the East and the town has to pull together to protect one of their own. Set after "Heaven's Field."

The West by grav_ity. In the aftermath of the wedding, Lorne thinks about the west and the women of Atlantis.

Women's Shooting Club of Atlantis by world_of_blade. It was time for the women of Atlantis to learn how to defend themselves.

Cold December's Winds Were Stilled by melyanna. On Christmas Eve, a blizzard hits Atlantis, bringing the town to a standstill and leaving Kate and Marcus trapped for the duration of the storm as they reach a crucial point in their courtship.

Quintessential by irony_rocks. "But I’ve heard that in the end, a man like you - a man much like myself, I think - only desires one thing. A simple life. A life more ordinary."

The Seige by miera. After years of courtship and separation, Elizabeth Weir is finally engaged to John Sheppard. But something isn't right, and their resolve is about to be tested by an unimaginable danger.

Time To Spare by melyanna. Things were better now. (Set about fifteen months after "Deals with Weddings.")
Rafiki, the crazy baboon: damnitirony_rocks on December 27th, 2007 08:10 pm (UTC)
Also we need a name for this last stretch of fic from "Deals with Weddings" to "Time to Spare"

The Consummation Series? *cough*

(EDIT: To those that don't know me, this was a JOKE.)

Edited at 2007-12-27 08:10 pm (UTC)
miera_c: ultimatemiera_c on December 27th, 2007 08:23 pm (UTC)

Well it's accurate...
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
miera_cmiera_c on October 28th, 2008 12:31 pm (UTC)
In which story?
(Deleted comment)
miera_cmiera_c on October 30th, 2008 12:29 pm (UTC)
Yes, Laura has just learned she's pregnant in The Seige. She's due a few months after Kate (Kate is due around November of that year. The Seige happens in June).
(Deleted comment)