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04 October 2010 @ 09:18 am
Title: The Seasons of Water
Author: miera_c
Summary: Four seasons in the second year of Elizabeth and John's marriage. Set in the wildwest_lantis AU.
Pairings: Elizabeth/John, background Kate/Lorne
Main characters: Elizabeth, John, Ronon, Janet, Kate, Lorne, other
Rating: R
Warnings: some period-appropriate discussion of childbirth risk
Spoilers: de nada
Beta: grav_ity
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine. More's the pity.
Author's Notes: I started writing this before the sparktober comm was official, but obviously it was the guidance of providence. ;)

The Seasons of WaterCollapse )
09 January 2010 @ 11:11 pm
I've started archiving my fic at Archive of Our Own aka AO3. I was thinking it would make sense to create a "collection" there for wildwest fic, since there are multiple authors in this AU and it's the easiest way to connect stories from different authors on the site.

Obviously, some of the authors here may not want to use AO3, which is perfectly fine. I just thought I'd ask if 1) anyone has some particular objection to the collection existing for some reason and b) if anyone objects to my adding a link back to this comm in the collection's meta info so people can find all the stories?
31 October 2009 @ 11:28 pm
Title: A Time For Every Purpose
Author: miera_c
Summary: As Thanksgiving approaches, a long awaited event rouses everyone in the middle of the night.
Pairings: John/Elizabeth, Kate/Lorne, Laura/Carson, Ronon/Janet
Main characters: John, Elizabeth, Kate, Lorne
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The Stargate verse does not belong to me. Too bad for them.
Author's notes: The title comes from Ecclesiastes, "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the sun."

A Time For Every PurposeCollapse )
23 October 2009 @ 11:08 pm
I've got a bit of a vignette brewing about Kate having her baby. I wanted to check first, though:

Would anyone have a conflict if I introduced Peter Grodin as becoming the new clerk in Weir's Mercantile? This would be during the late fall following the Siege.
14 March 2008 @ 05:50 pm
Title: Fortunate
Author: miera_c
Summary: Missing scene/PWP for "Cold December's Winds Were Stilled"
Pairings: Kate/Lorne
Main characters: Kate, Lorne
Rating: R
Warnings: this is a PWP meaning it's smut and nothing else
Disclaimer: The Stargate verse does not belong to me. Too bad for them.

Author's Notes: Written as comment fic originally, as an exercise in period-language adult content writing. Nothing too explicit here (meaning words or descriptions).

FortunateCollapse )
07 February 2008 @ 10:42 pm
So. Just wondering, because I can't remember this being addressed before:

Do the Ancients actually exist in this AU? Are we conveniently sweeping them off to the side for the sake of the stories? Could they have been very early pioneers who headed West before the large rush and abandoned Atlantis for reasons yet unknown? If so, how did our protagonists stumble upon the town? Or are they in fact descendants of "Ancients" who built and remained in Atlantis?  Is it even feasible that the technologically advanced Ancients of the show could translate into the Wild West world? The purpose of the Atlantis expedition was to discover more about the Ancients, learn what it was possible to learn; such a goal appears highly unlikely for the town's well-entrenched citizens, who seem more concerned with surviving what the West is throwing at them. And if the Ancients don't "exist", what are the origins of the town itself?

These are probably issues better left unasked and perhaps skirted around in fics, but I was interested to see what everyone else had decided - or if I had missed something in my readings. Thoughts?
27 December 2007 @ 12:01 pm
Due to some continued confusion, I've attempted to clarify the new character rules in my previous post. As always, if there are any further questions, feel free to respond there or in the character thread itself.

Thank you.

Edit: miera_c has updated the community's chronology. You can now find it here. The link at the top of the community has also been updated.
27 December 2007 @ 11:53 am
I'm going to try and piece together a timeline and when people get introduced so we have that as a reference.

Also we need a name for this last stretch of fic from "Deals with Weddings" to "Time to Spare"

wildwest_lantis Chronology (December 2007):

Stories are listed in a rough chronological order, rather than the order of writing. Certain stories which connect around a particular event are grouped. The stories which have no particular time specified in them are separated between Weir/Sheppard and "everything else" for convenience.

John and Ronon's First Stay stories:
Four years before "Monday Morning."

Men by writerrising and world_of_blade. John and Ronon arrive in town.

Ronon Story by writerrising. Ronon Dex double drabble

A Life Less Ordinary by irony_rocks. It was supposed to be a brief acquaintance that lasted the length it would take him to escort her to the outskirts of town. It ended up turning into a life and death situation, and along the way, John Sheppard discovered something he never realized he was missing.

Undated stories during the four years between the First Stay and "Monday Morning":

McKay And His Ass (Of The Four-Footed Kind) by soapbox_solo38. Someone burns down a university, gets bitten on multiple occasions, nearly dies a few times, and maybe learns his lesson.

Enter Zelenka by mentalmichael. Marcus Lorne would never forget the day that Radek Zelenka arrived in Atlantis

Pleasant Company by lamichelle. Carson Beckett hates missing his mid-day meal
(One month after Carson and Laura start sharing meals regularly)

Explosions by angelqueen04. The thoughts of an ex-sheriff in the late-afternoon heat.

Bureaucracy by angelqueen04. It was at times like this that George Hammond felt like retiring.

Noticing by angelqueen04. He definitely noticed a lot. More than most gave him credit for.

A Tragic History by hopalong_pxp. Ronon gets a new insight into Daniel Jackson's history

The Brew by world_of_blade. Where we first meet the Saloon owner...

Any Given Winter's Night by soapbox_solo38. These are Atlantis' people.

Coming Together by world_of_blade. The town of Atlantis always pulled together when things got tough.

Weir/Sheppard stories during the four years between the First Stay and "Monday Morning":

Monday Morning by angelqueen04. Elizabeth Weir had a habit of waking before dawn.
(first story written in the AU)

Wonder by writerrising. Elizabeth wonders.

Roosters and Hens by miera. Sunday gossip

Returning by angelqueen04. It took her a while to notice how different she felt when he left Atlantis.

A Sententia No Per Somnium by speckleberry. What would happen if John leaves, and three years later not all is right with the town he once called home.

The Game by sg_lab. There's a new game in town

Taken by mentalmichael. Elizabeth was missing

Survivor by angelqueen04. Vala gets into a spot of trouble.

Hold 'Em by peanutbutterer. A card game in Atlantis.


Fourth of July Dance Series:

Dance Partners by miera. During the Fourth of July dance, several people look for partners.

Too Late by angelqueen04. Daniel's view of the events surrounding the Fourth of July social.

Quilting Circle by angelqueen04. The Quilting Circle gathers for quilting and gossip.

Polaris by lanna_kitty. John Sheppard wanted to kiss Elizabeth Weir.

After the Rain by miera. Elizabeth and John get caught by a storm. Set after "Polaris" at some unspecified point in the courtship.

Sweethearts' Dance Series:

Sweetheart's Dance by writerrising. The Sweethearts' Dance

Heat by mentalmichael. It was hot
(? post-unwritten "Sweethearts Dance" fic?)

The Fever Series:

Field of Daisies by angelqueen04. Questions are raised when John and Ronon witness a Wraith attack that culminates in several prisoners being taken.
(Introduces the Athosians and Teyla)

The Long Night by miera. Keeping vigil over a dangerously ill Elizabeth, John confronts some truths.

In Sickness by cutemara. Daniel surprises himself when he hears about Vala.

Heaven's Field by angelqueen04. In the aftermath of the fever epidemic, people must pick up the pieces of their lives and begin anew.

Deals With Weddings by miera. Some relationships progress, some stagnate and some seem to be falling apart. Then a mysterious stranger arrives from the East and the town has to pull together to protect one of their own. Set after "Heaven's Field."

The West by grav_ity. In the aftermath of the wedding, Lorne thinks about the west and the women of Atlantis.

Women's Shooting Club of Atlantis by world_of_blade. It was time for the women of Atlantis to learn how to defend themselves.

Cold December's Winds Were Stilled by melyanna. On Christmas Eve, a blizzard hits Atlantis, bringing the town to a standstill and leaving Kate and Marcus trapped for the duration of the storm as they reach a crucial point in their courtship.

Quintessential by irony_rocks. "But I’ve heard that in the end, a man like you - a man much like myself, I think - only desires one thing. A simple life. A life more ordinary."

The Seige by miera. After years of courtship and separation, Elizabeth Weir is finally engaged to John Sheppard. But something isn't right, and their resolve is about to be tested by an unimaginable danger.

Time To Spare by melyanna. Things were better now. (Set about fifteen months after "Deals with Weddings.")
26 December 2007 @ 08:05 pm
After much descussion in the previous post put up by miera_c, a decision on the matter of introducing new characters has been reached.

Because of the many contributions to this AU, we've developed a pretty solid timeline of stories, the various arcs like the Fever Series for example. In the process, we've also shown just who is involved in the different events and who is living in or around the town of Atlantis. As such, if someone writes a story set early on in the timeline now that introduces a new canon character (i.e. Harry Maybourne, General Bauer, Darryl Morgan le Fey's dragon, you get the picture) that has him remaining in Atlantis, it will thrust all of the other stories set after that story askew.

The point that rambling paragraph above is this: At this point, we're not going to introduce any more major characters in stories that are set early on in the timeline. If you're writing a story that takes place late in the timeline (i.e. after The Siege which is the story furthest along in the timeline at this point), that's fine, but no earlier than that.

ETA: If you plan to use a minor OC character (i.e. Widow Jones who comes in to Elizabeth's store to buy some candy for her grandson), that is fine as well.

Bottom Line: No canon characters can be placed into Atlantis on a permanent basis in stories set before The Siege.

If anyone has any further questions, please feel free to ask. The timeline is located here, and can also be located at the top of the front page of the community.

Also, another reminder: this AU is a historical one, and as such, things are different then than they are now (obviously). So I just would like to remind everyone to do a little research when adding certain details to their stories. If you're naming a book or something of that sort in your story, for example, please double-check its publishing date. If it was published in 1901 or something to that effect, then it can't possibly have shown up in Atlantis, late 19th century. So to help make your story the best it can be, please check for historical accuracy as best as possible.
17 December 2007 @ 11:16 pm
I think we need to have a community discussion about introducing characters. There are conflicting ideas being bandied about regarding certain characters and it seems like we maybe need to talk about what it means to introduce someone to this AU. Especially given the rather voluminous history that's been established - anyone being brought in now is going to necessarily have to arrive after "The Seige" takes place or have one hell of an explanation of why they're not mentioned in any previous story.

17 December 2007 @ 09:07 pm
Title:  Any Given Winter's Night
Author:  soapbox_solo38
Rating:  PG-13
Timeline: (Hopefully) generic
Summary:  [These are Atlantis' people.]   A series of drabbles centered around one night.

12 November 2007 @ 07:00 pm
Part I, with fic information and excessively long notes, is here.

I do apologize in this one for the sheer amount of babbling about dressmaking. ;)

Part IICollapse )
10 November 2007 @ 04:18 am
Author: World_of_Blade
Title: Coming Together
Rating: PG
Pairing: Gen
Warnings: None
Timeline: Could be set anywhere before Miera_c's "The Seige".
Summary: The town of Atlantis always pulled together when things got tough.
A/N: Betaed by the ever wonderful ubiquitous_girl.
Feedback is always wonderful.

Coming TogetherCollapse )
09 November 2007 @ 04:49 pm
Title: Cold December's Winds Were Stilled
Author: Melyanna
Summary: On Christmas Eve, a blizzard hits Atlantis, bringing the town to a standstill and leaving Kate and Marcus trapped for the duration of the storm as they reach a crucial point in their courtship.
Pairing: Kate/Lorne (with some light Laura/Carson and John/Elizabeth)
Rating: PG13
Chronology: Between "Deals with Weddings" and "Quintessential".
Notes: Exceptionally long/geeky/rambly notesCollapse )

The title comes from a traditional Catalan Christmas carol. miera_c is, as usual, an awesome beta.

Part ICollapse )

Part II
13 October 2007 @ 07:51 pm
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Please to be remembering the R rating. ;)

Part 5Collapse )

As always, feedback is welcomed and spin-off stories adored. :)
12 October 2007 @ 10:55 pm
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Um. Here. *runs away before anyone can find a pitchfork*

Part 4Collapse )

Part 5
10 October 2007 @ 08:41 pm
Meta info in part 1. I'm still tweaking the last few scenes, which is why this is not being posted all at once.

Warning: this section contains descriptions of complications of pregnancy appropriate to the time period, including infant mortality. Please be aware of this before you read, if you find such subjects especially difficult.

Part 1

Part 2Collapse )
09 October 2007 @ 11:48 pm
As promised. :)

Title: The Siege
Author: miera
Summary: After years of courtship and separation, Elizabeth Weir is finally engaged to John Sheppard. But something isn't right, and their resolve is about to be tested by an unimaginable danger.
Pairings: Elizabeth/John, Janet/Ronon
Main characters: Elizabeth, John, Janet, Ronon, Cameron Mitchell, Stephen Caldwell
Rating: R for sexual situations
Warnings: none
Beta: melyanna
Disclaimer: All the Stargates are owned by people who are not me. No copyright infringement intended.
Chronology: Set immediately after Quintessential. As in, this begins on the night that story ends.
Feedback: Is like peanut butter and chocolate together!
Author's Notes: After reading irony_rocks' story "Quintessential" I found myself imagining Elizabeth's reaction to John proposing, and Ronon's reaction to the news of the engagement. It seemed to me that Elizabeth wouldn't really believe John's change of heart until there had been some sort of test, and this snowballed into a behemoth of a fic.

The SiegeCollapse )

Part 2
30 September 2007 @ 04:36 pm
The post-Quintessential fic I've been fighting with since, um, March? I think? finally has a completed first draft! It only took 7 months! (I could've almost had a baby in the same amount of time.)

Nearly 27K words. *collapses* No wonder it took so long.

Hopefully, after I get a chance to read it through and proof it and so forth, it should be ready to post sometime in the next couple of weeks. *crosses fingers*